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Mobile App Development | Wireframing | OTT Streaming | Radio & Podcast Deployment

Supporting small businesses with high-quality IT solutions.

Mobile App Development

Increase customer loyalty, build your business brand, and experience sales growth. There is an astounding number of people accessing the Internet using their Smartphones. Mobile app development gives you the potential to build trust and reach many potential consumers quickly. Making a connection is critical to generating revenue. The key to building a successful mobile app is creating an excellent user experience (UX). This will encourage repeat sales.

OTT / VOD Streaming

Extend programming to millions of viewers and listeners with over-the-top services. Stream to multiple devices seamlessly and offer subscription-based plans. The demand for OTT streaming has increased due to the decrease in cable and dish TV services. In return, this has made over-the-top streaming more affordable for everyday individuals to develop products using this type of service. Let our team walk you through the process.

Radio / Podcast Deployment

Engage listeners and build a loyal fan base with radio and podcast segments. The projected revenue growth of radio/podcasting is nearly 30 percent annually between 2018 and 2022. This increase is driven by campaign ads of established major brands such as IBM, Dell, Lowe’s and Pitney Bowes. Your prepacked audio files can be downloaded on PC’s, smart speakers or other devices. Begin thriving in this billion-dollar booming industry.

Need Help With Your IT Project? New Project Management Solutions Are Now Available.

Increase Client Retention

Project management teams take on the pressures and difficulties of your projects. Our team of managers finds cost-saving solutions that save you time and money while you focus on satisfying your customers and running your business.

Avoid Conflicts

When you hire on a project management team, you will never have to worry about running into conflicts of interest with stakeholders. Purple500 Technologies has your best interest at hand and will coordinate a plan for a successful project.

Constant Communication

A qualified project manager will assist, guide, and keep you up to date throughout your project. We will oversee your entire project as a trusted partner.

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