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Independent Artists: Often Forgotten

Independent Artists: Often Forgotten

Independent artists deserve to have the same amount of exposure just as the next high-profile artists. There are tons of independent artists out there who’s art/media is being overlooked because they do not have the backing to be recognized. It’s just not fair!

Purple500 Technologies has created a mobile app marketing tool by the name of Expoz Media for independent artists to use to showcase, sell, market and create engagement. This mobile app is for genres such as, but not limited to, dance, spoken word, visual arts, and music.

Venue hosts play a part in the success of independent artists. Venue hosts are also welcomed to advertise their events on the app as well. This platform will allow independent artists and venue hosts to be able to be seen and heard unlike on any other social media sites.

Industry shows that mobile phone users spend 86% of their time using mobile applications. Why not be a part of that time to not only showcase but monetize on your art?

Expoz Media is currently building its library and is fully functional in the app stores.

If you are an independent artist that would like to join Expoz Media, download the app, go to the menu tab and click “Expoz Me!”.  If you are a venue hosts and you would like to join, click “Expoz My Venue!”

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Naomi Renfroe

Owner of P500Tech.com