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Our Mission

To provide competitive IT solutions for small and large businesses.


At Purple500 Technologies, our everyday mission is to provide high-quality IT solutions. Technology allows small business owners to have the capability to compete with their competitors, and large institutions can maintain their branding.

History has shown us that technology is growing at a rapid pace. Individuals look towards technology to inform and keep them posted when updates are given. Technological development is the #1 marketing solution for this increasing trend for every business, small and large. Our mission at Purple500 Technologies is to make these tools attainable and transparent for EVERYONE to invest in.

Naomi Renfroe 
Senior IT Analyst – CTO

Naomi drives Purple500 Technologies’ strategic mission with her passion for helping others. Before Purple500, Naomi Renfroe obtained her degree in Information & Computer Security at Davenport University, she received high honors while studying CIS/ Database Management at DeVry University, and she’s a proud member of The National Society of Leadership and Success (Sigma Alpha Pi). Naomi was also awarded an AT&T scholarship for mobile app development where she completed her Nanodegree.

Naomi’s Favorite Apps:

Expoz Media, Amazon Music & Keeper