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Gift or Passion?

Gift or Passion?

This is a business tip that I had to learn the hard way. When I first started my business, I was so excited and driven to help EVERY type of business owner!

I always thought, “Why limit my business?”, “Why limit my money”, “I can build an app for ANYONE!”

Well, I soon found out that I was overwhelming myself with trying to be the answer for ALL types of business entrepreneurs. I didn’t know who to offer my services to first. There was an all-out battle going on inside of me that had a strong urge for helping others that didn’t fit with your normal business techniques.

I was giving away my business trying to be affordable for EVERYONE, which felt great, but wasn’t a smart business idea, and I quickly became frustrated!

Until someone said, “Naomi, you can’t service everyone, it’s impossible, what is your gift?”

At first, I didn’t understand why they were asking me what my gift was. Those words discouraged me. I thought long and prayed hard about my next steps, if any.

I realized that I was stumping my own business thinking that I could service EVERYONE. That’s when I decided to put my gift ahead of my passion.

I realized that I was chasing after my passion for technology instead of my God given gift of encouraging and uplifting others. My thinking was out of sync.

Now, I am nobody’s counselor or psychiatrist, but I have always known that my gift was being a great listener, encourager, and comforter. I decided to build my business after my gift and then add my passion to it.

That’s when Purple500 Technologies became the mobile app developer for SMALL business owners and entrepreneurs, ONLY! It feels great to help business owners that cannot afford the traditional, astronomical prices of mobile apps.

I enjoy listening to their desires and issues, then finding small business solutions that fit budgets, encourage and uplift as well as compliment my business needs. 

So, always remember in business, you can’t service everyone and always focus on your gift before your passion. You’ll be much happier 😊

Independent Artists: Often Forgotten

Independent artists deserve to have the same amount of exposure just as the next high-profile artists. There are tons of independent artists out there who’s art/media is being overlooked because they do not have the backing to be recognized. It’s just not fair!

Purple500 Technologies has created a mobile app marketing tool by the name of Expoz Media for independent artists to use to showcase, sell, market and create engagement. This mobile app is for genres such as, but not limited to, dance, spoken word, visual arts, and music.

Venue hosts play a part in the success of independent artists. Venue hosts are also welcomed to advertise their events on the app as well. This platform will allow independent artists and venue hosts to be able to be seen and heard unlike on any other social media sites.

Industry shows that mobile phone users spend 86% of their time using mobile applications. Why not be a part of that time to not only showcase but monetize on your art?

Expoz Media is currently building its library and is fully functional in the app stores.

If you are an independent artist that would like to join Expoz Media, download the app, go to the menu tab and click “Expoz Me!”.  If you are a venue hosts and you would like to join, click “Expoz My Venue!”

Download Now!

App Store: Click Here!

Google Play Store: Click Here!

Be More Social

Social media is very crowded and loud. Quiet the noise with mobile app development. Whether you are an entrepreneur, socialite or blogger, giving your clients an option to hear what you must say in a quieter setting is best.

Mobile app development satisfies this noisy beast and provides a more one on one experience for you and your consumer. They will appreciate the gesture with loyalty and great reviews. Purple500 Technologies understands this process. Let us help you!

Your Customers Shouldn’t Have To Wait

We live in a day and age where convenience, consistency and an immediate turnaround is a must. Mobile app development satisfies this trend.

Your customers shouldn’t have to wait to get your current business updates. Mobile applications provide faster web browsing and instant gratification.

Investing in what your consumers expect will breathe life into your business.  Click Here to begin!

Why Your Business Needs A Mobile App

The most innovative way to become competitive in your industry is to invest in mobile app development. Consumers are on their phones more than they watch television.

Industry shows that mobile phone users spend 86% of their time using mobile applications. The convenience of being visible at all times to your consumers is an ingenious way of monetizing on your business.

Need reasons why?

  • A great marketing tool for providing general information, pricing, booking engagements, selling products
  • Create loyalty programs to keep and create faithful customers
  • Build your business brand
  • Keep customers engaged
  • The convenience of sending notifications of sales and promotions.

Keep your business current with mobile app development. Click Here to begin!