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Project Creation Stages

Project Creation Stages


Design Stage: Let the fun begin!

This stage is fun yet very important! Collaboration is everything! We expect our clients to be very open, and expressive during this stage. The more information the better! This stage will allow both sides to see what is expected of each other and if the client/developer relationship will benefit both parties. A suggested project turnaround time will be given during this stage as well. Clients are expected to fill out the Project Development Form and submit the following: images, app’s Icon, professional logos, audio files, animated GIF’s, master videos, example apps, colors, verbiage, and any other creative ideas the client may have.


Development Stage: Please wait while we create!

This stage is where we ask for your patience. Much research is needed to make sure that your app functions as you expect it to. Research and coding maybe fun for our team members, but we understand that the wait can be daunting for you. The anticipation can be great during this time. As specified in the Design Stage, your suggested project turnaround time is our focus. If problems occur during this process, you will be notified within a timely fashion.


Proof of Concept Stage: So, what do you think?

This stage will get the ball rolling on making your dream app come alive! After we have confirmed your payment(s), our team will put together your wants and needs expressed in the Design Stage. Clients will be able to edit their proof of concept for improvement purposes only*. Your app will come to life for you to approve!


Reveal Stage: Go Viral!

This stage is the stage that you have been waiting for! It’s time to crack that baby open and show the world your very own personalized app! Enjoy!


The determination of a project’s turnaround time will be expressed during the Design Stage. Clients will be notified of an approximate completion date. If the turnaround time exceeds the client’s expected due date, the client will be notified. The overall turnaround time for all projects depends on the volume of Purple500 Technologies, the extent of the app’s design and how quickly you, “The Client”, can provide the necessary content/information needed for completing the project. If there is a need to extend the turnaround time, you will be informed. Purple500 will prepare an appropriate turnaround time to fit our time-sensitive client’s needs. Refunds are ONLY given if the turnaround time cannot be met during the Development Stage.

*Major changes are excepted depending on the complexity of the change. More than 1 major total app design change may occur a fee.


Revised 06.23.18